Seattle Rolfer Todd Hargrove performing Rolfing

Here are some quick highlights about my career.


I have been a Certified Rolfer for ten years and a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner for three years. My job is challenging, fascinating and rewarding. I truly enjoy helping others feel more comfortable and functional in their bodies.     


In 2014 I wrote and published a book called A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain. It has sold more than 7,000 copies, been translated into two languages, and has received acclaim from physical therapy professors, trainers for NFL and MLB teams, neuroscientists, and world-class researchers in pain. To learn more about the book click below.

Blogging and Speaking

I write a popular blog for movement professionals (physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, etc.) at BetterMovement.org. I occasionally speak at conferences for these groups on topics related to pain or movement.

My Previous Career

I used to be a lawyer who had chronic pain, but eliminated my pain through movement work and Rolfing. I quit the law to help others with their pain and movement in 2005. 

My Approach

Seattle Rolfer Todd Hargrove

I am strongly committed to using the best available scientific evidence to help others. Unfortunately, the world of bodywork is filled with misinformation and confusion, and part of the goal of my writing is to remedy that problem.

That being said, I will readily admit that science does not have anything close to all the answers about how our bodies work, and that any good therapist must rely to a large extent on his or her intuition and experience. 

My Personal Life

I love all things related to movement health. I’m an avid athlete and play squash and soccer. I’m intensely interested in almost any form of physical training or movement therapy such as CrossFit, kettlebells, yoga, pilates, “sport specific” training, corrective exercise, and weight training. If you are into any of these things we have a lot in common.

And I have a wonderful wife and two daughters!